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About Bradley Bush, N.D.

Dr. Bradley Bush received a N.D. degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000 and is currently the Director of Clinician Affairs for NeuroScience, Inc. and oversees their NEI Nutrition division. Dr. Bush specializes in neuro-endo-immune health, nutrition and infusion therapies. His focus is on addressing gastrointestinal and HPA axis disturbances in addition to nutritional deficiencies as a cornerstone of patient care. He is co-author of the ND: Notes Science Board Review and ND Notes: Clinical Board Review books. Dr. Bush has worked for years for manufacturers of nutritional supplements, is a founder and past-organizer of the annual Pharmaceutical Perspectives conference, and currently sits on the board of the Naturopathic Education and Research Consortium (NERC).

Lyme disease infection rate ten times higher than previously reported

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released preliminary results of three ongoing studies indicating Lyme disease infection is ten times higher than previous studies showed. In a press release on Monday, August 19, 2013, the CDC stated … Continue reading

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The Truth about Low Mood and Urinary Serotonin Levels

Last week’s post about serotonin and the immune connection got me thinking about the clinical utility of evaluating urinary serotonin levels. I have recently been fielding calls from practitioners questioning the value of urinary serotonin measures for patients with depression.  … Continue reading

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What are those neurotransmitter results REALLY telling you?

In the six years that I’ve been doing consults about NeuroScience‘s urinary neurotransmitter testing, I often hear healthcare practitioners state that their patient has a “nervous system imbalance”. Most believe that the “imbalance” is due to a disparity between excitatory … Continue reading

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Food allergies in kids – the links to obesity and inflammation

While NeuroScience, Inc. is nestled in a bucolic pocket of Wisconsin’s St. Croix River Valley, we avidly stay abreast of the latest health and science news. As we pointed out in a recent blog post, a new study by Gupta … Continue reading

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IgE Testing: More than Once in a Lifetime

We recently began offering IgE testing here at NeuroScience, Inc., and just about the same time an interesting, but disturbing study about allergies hit the newswire. It appears, based on a survey of nearly 38,000 children, that the prevalence of childhood … Continue reading

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