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Could intense mood swings indicate an underlying issue?

Almost everyone experiences the “emotional rollercoaster” at some point in life, but for those with bipolar disorder, the extreme emotional ups and downs do not end. Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, is one of the most common and severe mental … Continue reading

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Sports can cause lasting brain trauma

What do baseball, football, and hockey all have in common? The answer is Post-concussion Syndrome (PCS). Any one of these sports, along with many other things we do that can cause trauma to the brain or spinal cord, can result … Continue reading

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Lyme isn’t all you can get from a tick bite

You have tested negative for Lyme disease with ELISA, Western Blot and iSpot Lyme. However, you still have symptoms synonymous with Lyme disease like muscle and headaches, fatigue, chills and fever. Testing negative for Lyme disease, doesn’t always mean that … Continue reading

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You’ve heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what about weight?

In the media, we often hear about the obesity epidemic. Another weight related problem that is becoming more and more widespread is anorexia nervosa. According to DSM-IV, Anorexia nervosa (AN) is characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight or … Continue reading

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Flu bugs aren’t the only infection that cause stomach problems: Viruses may worsen IBD

As Easter approaches and kids eagerly wait for candy from the Easter Bunny, parents will be watching to make sure they don’t eat too much at once and get a stomachache.  All of us have experienced stomach upset from time-to-time … Continue reading

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Epigenetics: more than “there’s a gene for that”

As we increasingly look to our personal electronic devices for help with our daily tasks, we’ve been assured they can help us address nearly any issue we may encounter. Companies like Apple that there is no problem they cannot address … Continue reading

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