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Epigenetics: more than “there’s a gene for that”

As we increasingly look to our personal electronic devices for help with our daily tasks, we’ve been assured they can help us address nearly any issue we may encounter. Companies like Apple that there is no problem they cannot address … Continue reading

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DNA, RNA, SNP – alphabet soup or an introduction to genetics?

Blue eyes or brown? Short or tall? Blond, redhead, or brunette? All the information that guides development of physical traits as well as the other aspects of the human body is encoded in long sequences of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Sections … Continue reading

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Genetic control of methylation can affect your health

With the holiday season ending so does a peak travel period, as friends, family, and coworkers return from holiday getaways. In addition to stories of family celebration or tropical paradises visited, the travel experience can also bring stories of layovers, … Continue reading

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