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Temperature fluctuations: due to weather seasons or seasons of change within you?

The seasons have just changed and temperatures have dropped.  Everyone feels comfortable at different temperatures, and right now in Wisconsin, it’s not uncommon to see some people wearing winter jackets while others are wearing shorts.  During menopause, a woman’s temperature comfort … Continue reading

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The roller coaster of female hormones – are you enjoying the ride?

Every woman has probably experienced at some point the decreased patience or craving for chocolate that can occur once a month.  It is well known that women have a monthly cycle in which there are hormonal variations, but do you … Continue reading

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It’s 4th and long…are you confident in your endocrine system?

In the game of football, a team’s ultimate goal each drive is to score a touchdown, but to get to this point, there are many lines of communication that must occur smoothly.  The coach relays plays to his players on … Continue reading

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