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Hormonal changes in menopause: Is it all downhill from here?

The last several weeks, this blog has discussed hormones during the reproductive cycle  as well as neuro-endo connections (e.g.  serotonin, estradiol, testosterone, dopamine, progesterone, and GABA).  This week we will look at hormonal changes approaching menopause. Around age 38 the … Continue reading

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Dopamine and testosterone – two important pieces of the neuroendocrine puzzle

Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Roger Clemons, Manny Ramirez…the list of athletes that have made the news for taking performance enhancing drugs is long and seems to grow daily. These news stories put hormones such as testosterone in a negative light, … Continue reading

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Sorry Dracula, but blood isn’t the only way to test hormones

Hormones are found in a variety of biological fluids including saliva, cerebral spinal fluid, blood, serum and urine.  Saliva and serum are the most popular forms for testing, although they represent different forms of hormones.  Saliva represents the free (unbound) … Continue reading

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