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Oh baby! Did you know immune function can affect fertility?

Fertility issues can cause a lot of heartache for couples who are having difficulty conceiving.  According to the CDC, about 10% of reproductive-age women are infertile.  Infertility, however, is not always simply an endocrine imbalance.  Chronic stress and immune system … Continue reading

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Another Autoimmune Success Story

Check out this case review by Dr. Peterson using stimulated cytokine testing! Reblogged from Living Wellness Several years ago I went to the ER because the tip of my finger turned blue.  The doctor said I had Raynauds, an autoimmune … Continue reading

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Th1/Th2? That’s so 1990’s…

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a time warp. Back when I was a grad student in the early ‘90s, immunologists were vigorously expanding upon Tim Mosmann and Bob Coffman’s seminal insight that helper T cells were actually comprised of … Continue reading

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